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22xx and 13xx Brass Extended 
Bolts (177 or 22) with 
thread in handle
$15.00 Each.

22xx and 13xx Trigger 
Guide and Spring  

22xx and 13xx Hammer 

Aluminum/brass brakes 
for 13xx, 22xx, and QB's 
Starting at $25.00

QB custom bolt handles
 in brass or aluminum. 
With o-rings $21.00 
Without $15.00

QB valve stems in Delrin 
or Teflon
$10.00 Each.

QB Back cap, and breech cap. Brass or aluminum

$15.00 Each.

22xx bulk valve.  With stock valve stem $45.00 With Delrin valve stem $55.00

2240/50/60 power adjusters 
in brass or aluminum. 

22xx and 13xx Delrin, 
aluminum, or brass brakes 
with sights. Flat blade, Fiber
 Optic, or pin sight available.
$25.00 and up.

22xx guns. Delrin valve 
stems for bulk Co2 or HPA

3" Delrin brakes for 
and QB's
Starting at $15.00

22xx, 13xx, and QB muzzle 
brakes with o-rings in Delrin,
 aluminum, or brass
Starting at $20.00

22xx and 13xx Brass brakes 
with sight. Flat blade and Fiber
 Optic sights available also.
Shown with pin sight


22xx and 13xx New custom 
bolts with stainless shaft and
 aluminum or brass knob.
 Stainless or brass bolt. 
Add $3 for o-rings on knob.

5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1" od Shrouds Carbon Fiber
Brass or Aluminum 
$35.00 and Up.

20 and 25 cal top end
sets for 13x and 22xx guns. Barrel and custom bolt inc. 
Made to fit your steel or aluminum breech.
or satin black
May not always 
be available. 
Starting at $115.00 for a 12" 
and $165.00 for a 24" set.

13xx custom valves,
flat top or regular

13xx series guns
Flat top pistons 

13xx pump pins with clips to 
replace roll pins

Brass end cap set for 22xx guns. 3 pc set with cart end, 
rear tube and breech 
$45.00 a set, or separate 
pieces can be ordered

Custom 2240/50/60 valves 
$30.00 Each.

2240/50/60 power cap 
for heavy hammer 
springs and a second 
spring for fine tuning. 
Comes with two hammer 
springs, guides and set 
screw. Brass or aluminum