Model MA78D C02. Comes in 177, 20, 22, and 25 cal.   Built with Match Grade Lothar Walther full choke barrels in satin black. These rifles Do Not come with open sights and are set up for scope or red dot only.  The pic's are with stock Chinese barrels that I no longer use.  Wood Stock. Top pic

Model MA78S C02.  Synthetic Stock. Center pic

PCP style 2500 - 2800 psi fill. Bottom pic

These rifles are a great value and have been completely modded to give you a very accurate and powerful hunting rifle. They have very nice adjustable triggers, custom valve and port seals, and Match Grade L/W barrels. Custom brakes and shrouds are also available.
C02 model (wood)  takes two  12 gram carts. $435. Out of stock

MA78S C02 model (Synthetic) takes two 12 gram carts. $435

PCP version with fills from 2500-2800 psi. 

S model $585 

D model $595  Out of stock


Model MA1740, 2040, 2240, and 2540 C02
Custom 177, 20, 22, or 25 cal. pistol with Custom Lothar Walther   barrel any length you want up to 12" long and comes with a custom bolt.
Steel breech with full scope rails. Ported and
modified valve, barrel port and seal. Very Nice Two Stage Trigger. Hammer spring guide. Black Delrin brake is included. These
co2 pistols are great little hunters and are very accurate.
$360 with stock plastic grips. 177 or 22 cal.
25 cal. add $25
PCP Hunter $460  177 or 22 cal. With side cocker included.
25 cal. add $25
$25 Satin black finish on barrel
Add $50 for any length barrel up to 24" long
MA1750B, 2050B, 2250B or 2550B Carbine in C02. Top pic
PCP Hunter style with 2000 psi fill. Bottom pic
These Carbines come with up to a 24" custom made barrel in
177, 20, 22, and 25 using Choked Lothar Walther Barrels.
Steel breech with full scope rail. Ported
and modded valve, Very Nice Two Stage Trigger
Machined transfer port seal, hammer spring guide, and custom extended
bolt with thread in handle. Black Delrin brake included. 15 - 20 good shots per cart.
Dead on accurate, and very powerful!
$410 in C02 177, 20, and 22 cal.
Add $25 for 25 cal.
$510 PCP Hunter  177, 20, and 22 cal. With side cocker included.
ADD $25 for 25 cal.
$25 for satin black finish on barrel.